The science of healing and art are much more closely related than one might first think. In addition to its science aspects, medicine has a lot of subjective, non-measurable elements. Art is of the moment, unique, intuitive, inspiring and never measured. This unique and personal element forming intuition is what art and medicine have in common.

It is not uncommon to find artists among doctors. One of the first known of such historical personalities was St. Luke. The Day of Hungarian Painting is celebrated on his saint’s day. We know of several other renowned doctor-artists and I set out on this path myself.


The first milestone

A very nice memory is the opening of my first solo exhibition in the Bácska Palace of Culture. Zoltán Gál, honorary citizen of the city of Baja, Opened. His words...

I am very proud of the ceredi award and the wine was also special!

I will keep my painting Kazakh Hunt, painted at the XXIII International Ceredi Creative Camp, as a fond memory (I will gladly take it to exhibitions), because it received a...