I was born in 1962 in rural Hungary as the second child out of three, of teacher parents.

I completed my medical studies at the University of Debrecen. I chose the medical profession as I defined care for other people as a decisive part of my being.

Even as a medical professional, I was actively engaged in art activities. Since the age of 12, I have attended courses in painting and graphics, played the piano, sang in a professional choir, did some professional dancing and wrote poems. All of these activities provided inspiration for the next big step: taking on painting.

I started oil painting in 2015 participating in professional courses and creative camps. Between 2020 and 2022, I attended Számalk-Szalézi Art School, Budapest and graduated with distinction for outstanding performance in the fields of painting and graphic arts and crafts.

My primary interest is oil painting; nevertheless, I am also engaged in other fine art techniques including water-colour and drawing. I have no exclusive motif being open instead to a large spectrum of themes and styles depending on the inspiration of the moment. In addition to more serious themes, I am also interested in decorative painting.

I take a special interest in art history and use all opportunities to advance my experience taking special educational courses and doing continuous training in the fields of painting and graphic arts.

After the age of fifty, I began to feel that self-expression should take an additional dimension reflecting on the human condition and its various social expressions. For me, art provides the most important means for such reflections.


Számalk-Szalézi Fine Arts and Craft School, painter qualification

History of Art Open University 2022.


MANK, Baja Town Painter and Crafstmen Association ,  Fine Arts Club, Budapest


For outstanding performance at XXIII. International Creative Camp, Cered, Hungary, 2020. – with „Kazakh hunting” painting

The Talent National competition 3. prize 2019.- with „Industrial landscape” painting

Project works:

Digital Dental Art Clinic Budapest- full decoration with unique abstracts (14 pcs)

Catmuseum, Budapest – inner wall decoration

Individual exhibitions:

Kazakh engrams – Bácskai Kultúrpalota, Baja, 2020

Gladsome creation, Baja, 2019.

Style practices – Bácskai Kultúrpalota, Baja 2018

Group exhibitions:

Crumps, Baja MNÁMK, 2023.

Art for Esztergom, Esztergom, 2022.

Autumn love Touristic Centre, Baja 2022.

Szám- Alkoss, Budapest 2022.

Autumn exhibition, Nagymaros 2022.

Day for the elderly, Szokolya, 2022.

Retrospection, Baja 2022.

Wonderful Baja, Baja 2022.

Icon exhibition, Mária-kermis, Péliföldszentkereszt, 2022.

Art for Esztergom, 2021.

Colourful  ideas, Baja, 2021.

Dowtown Art Autumn Exhibition, Budapest, 2021.

Creative camp Cered exhibition, Biatorbágy, 2021.

Stand by me, Budapest, 2021.

I was tourist in Budapest, Budapest, 2021.

Budapest Downtown Art Association Exhibition,  2019-2021 8 exhibitions

XXIII. Creative Camp Cered online exhibition 2020.

Hal-I-Hó, Baja, 2020.

XXII. Creative Camp Cered, in Eger, 2019.

That’s me, Baja, 2019.

Competition exhibitions:

XXXI. Gyál winter exhibition, Gyál, 2021.

Eurohíd fondation, Petőfi200, Esztergom, 2022.

37. Visuel art month painting-graphic-fine arts Budapest, 2022.

Moho Sapiens, Budapest, 2021.

XXX. Gyál winter exhibition, Gyál, 2021.

Pilinszky 100: I am alone in the eternal solitude, Esztergom, 2021.

XIII. Talent fine arts competition Plant-Animal-Human life and ecology, Budapest, 2021.

The Talent competition exhibitions on 4 premises -2019-2020.


Artquake-9, Yunus emre, Love’s yourney, Turkey, 2022.

Casa de la Cultura Exhibition, Argentina, 2022.

Danube-Ganges art bridge, Budapest 2022.

Sándor Márai Sándor memorial exhibition, literature on canvas, Rimaszombat, 2019.